MSBA JOURNAL MAGAZINE: November-December 2017

  • Straight Talk: "We Don't Endorse Everything We Share on Social Media and eClippings" by MSBA Executive Director Kirk Schneidawind
  • President's Message: "Parents Wanting the Best Education for Their Children is Universal" by MSBA President Kathy Green
  • 2018 Leadership Conference Preview: "Where School Boards Learn to Lead"
  • 2018 Leadership Conference Preview: Mark J. Lindquist — "Eight Steps to Reignite Your Passion to Lead" by MSBA's Greg Abbott
  • 2018 Leadership Conference Preview: Manny Scott — "The Power of One"
  • "Conflicting Duties: When Special Education Students are Seriously Disruptive" by Jim Walsh
  • Meet MSBA's New Staff Member: Joel Stencel
  • MSBA Board Director Spotlight: Linda Leiding, Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial
  • Ask MSBA: "New Mentoring Guide Available for MSBA Members" by MSBA's Katie Klanderud and Gail Gilman
  • Legal Update: "The Organizational Meeting" by MSBA's Cathy Miller

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The MSBA Journal includes school features, exploration of leadership issues and in-depth stories on education trends, showcases student art and contains a directory of vendors.