2018 BOND RESULTS and OPERATING LEVIES (as of August 14, 2018)

2018 Bond Referenda Results

2018 Operating Levies

Important Election Dates

School Board Member Referenda Do's and Don'ts

Board-Approved Referendum Authority Resolutions


To make your school district subject to the primary election system, boards must pass this Primary Election System resolution before April 15. If your board does not want to hold a primary election, do NOT pass this resolution. Your filing period will then be in August and all candidates will proceed to the general election.

If your board has already passed a resolution that set filing dates for May AND the board does NOT want to be subject to the primary election system, your board should revoke the resolution setting the filing dates before the filing period begins.

Passing this resolution will not guarantee that the district will have a primary election. The law provides that if the board has made the district subject to the primary system and if there are more than two candidates for a specified school board position or more than twice as many school board candidates as there are at-large school board positions available, the school district must then hold a primary.

Download a copy of the “Resolution Establishing School District Primary Election System."