• CONDUCT & ETHICS (6 standards)
  • VISION (4 standards)
  • STRUCTURE (7 standards)
  • ACCOUNTABILITY (6 standards)
  • ADVOCACY (3 standards)

The evaluation is intended to be an evaluation of the effectiveness of your entire board taken as a whole, as opposed to an individual self-assessment. We realize this will present some problems for you when you do the ratings. However, do the best you can to consider how the board operates as a whole and on the average. In other words, one isolated instance where your performance was not particularly brilliant should not justify a low rating. However, a pattern of behavior would merit a high, average, or low rating.

The decision should be made by the board as to whether or not the superintendent should also complete the self-assessment. As he/she is an ex-officio member, either decision is justifiable.

Also, you may want to determine a method for returning the completed inventories so that you can feel comfortable no one else sees your ratings, except the MSBA staff person who completes the results. One suggestion is to have each person return his/hers in a sealed envelope and when all have been turned in to the board chair, they can be forwarded to MSBA. Or, you may want to give each person an envelope addressed to MSBA so that he/she can mail it directly to us.

After we have received all the completed forms, MSBA will compute and chart the results. An MSBA staff member will come to your district and lead a discussion of the results and how your board can improve in those areas you perceived as low. We suggest this be done at a special meeting to create a more relaxed, sharing atmosphere. At no point will any one person's scores be revealed to anyone else.

TIME: 2 to 3 hours

COST: Contact Gail Gilman at 800-324-4459 or for current pricing and additional information.